wwb_img11The mention of the word “Cloud” or “Cloud Computing” evokes mixed feelings in the technologists and corporate world of today. Since theĀ  60s, Cloud computing has gone through several evolutionary phases from grid and utility computing, to the application service provider (ASP) model, to the current Software-as-a- Service (SaaS).The ever increasing need to do more with less continues to drive interest and adoption of the Cloud.

Traditional communications infrastructure is characterized by limited bandwidth, Telco-defined services and a focus on hardware with software perpetuity. Increasing Capex to support emerging technological needs, business expansion and maintenance costs, poses a major business challenge for organizations. In such an environment, enterprises of all scale are finding it compelling to access a range of services from the Cloud such as computational facilities on-demand, storage services, software and video applications.

Nexera believes in the transformational power of Cloud Computing for Telcos & enterprises, large and small and has the capability to roll out cloud leveraged next generation solutions. Nexera’s IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) cloud computing capabilities and offerings enables enterprises, telcos and ISV customers around the world to adopt cloud-based IT capabilities through strategic consulting, software and product development and deployment, as well as through systems management, integration and monitoring services.

Nexera’s Cloud capabilities and offerings include

  1. Cloud Advisory, Assessment and Qualification Services.
  2. Address scalability, utilization and demand management.
  3. Runtime cost optimization such as energy, maintenance, support, tools, etc.

Cloud Enablement Services

  • Design of Cloud IaaS / SaaS / PaaS infrastructures.

  • Design of Cloud IaaS / SaaS / PaaS infrastructures.

  • Software and product development and deployment on cloud.

  • Design of Cloud IaaS / SaaS / PaaS infrastructures.

  • Service Exposure Enablement.

  • On-demand, self-provision automation.

  • Shared and fully virtualized computing, network and storage services.

  • Security assessment and controls implementation with industry partnerships.

  • Telco enablement for Communications/Collaboration-As-A-Service.

  • Enabled over IaaS foundation layer and offered via multiple partnerships.

Nexera’s Cloud Strategy

wwb_img10Nexera’s unparalleled understanding of the telecom domain and proven expertise combined with distinctive IT skills enable us to cater to the needs of telecom companies with best of the breed solutions. Cloud services span a variety of markets, including those that telecom players currently operate in. Thus the trend assumes great significance for the telecom sector.

Nexera is developing various “in-a-box” solutions with intent to have minimum integration effort required to enable telcos launch Cloud services for a reduced time to market and quick monetization of their existing investments.