Current business environment is extremely complex due to changing needs and reduced budgets, and it is often found that traditional solutions to these challenges distract players from their core business strategies. Information Technology is not only regarded as an essential means to drive efficiencies in an organization but also the first area to be face scrutiny due to budgetary constraints. In the current economic environment, focusing on core competencies is the key to success.Nexera has the expertise and experience to manage an enabling infrastructure and applications. Nexera’s Managed Services model is a non-invasive approach to outsourcing, providing skills and competencies, with support tailored to customer requirements and the flexibility to implement and manage key projects as part of ongoing operations. This provides our customers the best of both worlds – control and flexibility over their information systems without either the pain or cost of running them. Nexera’s Managed Services offerings cover the entire array of IT outsourcing services including networks, IT infrastructure, applications and business processes.

Application Management Services

Nexera has the expertise to manage complete application platforms for clients across various technology domains – BSS / OSS / SDP / ERP etc. This includes day-to-day business operations of applications as well as managing the underlying IT infrastructure and networks from user Desktops to the Datacenter.

Services include

  • Application operations.
  • Database administration.
  • System and network administration.
  • Application support and maintenance.
  • Enhancement / development through design, testing and implementation.

Infrastructure Management Services

Nexera understands how critical your IT infrastructure is to the smooth functioning of your business and we make it our job to ensure that it runs smoothly and efficiently.