Enterprise Portal Practice

The Enterprise Portal Practice at Nexera excels in the collaborative space – a key capability category from the Matrix capability frameworks. Its components represent the communication channels that provide interoperability between a telecom organization and its customers, partners and suppliers.

The Enterprise Portal Practice Group possesses expertise in the following areas

  • End-to-End Delivery

  • User Experience Driven Design and development to stay ahead of the competition

  • Managed Services

  • Service Management Capabilities for Web Portals

  • Content management

  • Web Analytics.


Enterprise Portal Practice commands capabilities and specialized teams in the following areas

  • Portals

  • Portal Solutions Group

  • User Interactions Design Group (UIDG)

  • Content Management Systems Group

  • Managed Services

  • Web Analytics.



The Portals team specializes in creating self-service, zero-touch, real-time, interactive portals employing COTS based and Open Source frameworks. Its internals teams: Portal Solutions, UIDG and CMS, collaborate to produce user centric web based applications.

Portal Solutions Group

Portal Solutions Group creates coherent web-based solutions using tightly coupled architectures, consisting of COTS/Open Source content management products, third party search/provisioning engines and Portal products.

Some of the capabilities of Portal Solutions are

  • Web Services Integration using SOAP

  • CRM (Siebel) integration using XML over HTTP

  • Asynchronous integration using Message Queues

  • Content Management System integration.

wwb_img4EPP’s technology landscape encompasses multiple tools/technologies from the market. Group has evaluated and built robust capabilities on majority of the tools listed.

User Interactions Design Group

User Interaction Design group (UIDG) provides Full life cycle Usability and E2E User Experience Design services to global customers.

UIDG follows User Experience Solution Design Methodology (UESDM) design process – an iterative and methodical approach, evolved over the years, depicted as under


Some of UIDG’s functional domains are

  1. Client-Server Applications

  2. Web Based Applications

  3. CRM Applications

  4. Intranets.

  5. Mobile Phone / PDA Applications.

UIDG provides full lifecycle Usability and User Experience Design services to global customers. They include:

  • End-to-End User Experience Design

  • Visual Strategy and Visual Design

  • Interface Development

  • Accessibility Audit

  • User Experience Assessment and Enhancement

  • Usability Testing.

Content Management Systems Group

The Content Management Systems Group is a core group of resources consisting of a high degree of expertise in Content Management Systems. ECMS encompasses Document Imaging, Document Management (DM), Web Content Management (WCM), Records Management (RM), Digital Asset Management (DAM), Digital Rights Management (DRM) and Enterprise Search as its core technologies.

EPP’s offerings in the CMS space range from E2E CMS consultancy, information architecture creation, end to end solution implementation to a managed services model.


Enterprise Portal Practice has a core consulting group comprising of think tanks which support the teams on technical & architecture related issues. The group focuses on competency development, tools rollout and best practices propagation across the delivery teams. It also carries out the PoCs to establish the utility of tools and does business consulting for online strategy formulation.

Managed Services

EPP’s Managed Services group provides the complete ownership of Pre/Post Production Support and Service Improvement Delivery roles for various Telco Portals, in line with stringent SLA’s complied as a part of engagement. The technical expertise available in this group ranges from J2EE to Oracle to ITIL processes awareness to Weblogic to Open Source.

Web Analytics

Web Analytics group, comprising of Ominiture trained resources, analyses web traffic using the right analytic and presents recommendations in line with clients needs. It also collaborates with internal and external partners for data collection and reporting.

Web Analytics group offers services in the following areas

  1. Click stream analysis

  2. Conversion funnel analysis

  3. Search analysis

  4. Multivariate testing analysis

  5. All combined with offline call center data.