Telecom Industry worldwide has moved away from its traditional nature of enabling voice connectivity. The rapid developments in different technologies, convergence and the burgeoning subscriber base, especially in the emerging markets are boosting Telecommunication Service Providers to transform into Communication Service Providers (CSP’s).

TSP’s are now moving beyond¬† Voice¬† and venturing into Data, Media And Entertainment space. This transformational journey has opened new doors of opportunities along with newer set of challenges to be addressed, such as:

  1. Reduced Time to Market

  2. Innovation to stay ahead of the competition

  3. Regulatory Compliances

  4. Improve Revenue Margins

  5. Improved Customer Experience

  6. Arrest Customer Churn

  7. Arrest Revenue Leakage

  8. Improved Operational Efficiency

  9. Scalability, Reliability and Robustness

  10. IT Asset rationalization due to Merger & Acquisitions.

Nexera System Integration Philosophy

Nexera, having more than two decades of experience in serving the Telecommunication industry alone, has witnessed the evolution in the nature of System integration and transformation needs of Communication Service Providers (CSP), such as:

  1. Incumbent CSP doing incremental functional enhancements

  2. Incumbent CSP doing large scale transformation

  3. Aspiring CSP (Greenfield Mobile Network Operator) starting green field business

  4. Aspiring CSP (MVNO) starting business from ground-zero.

With this evolution, Nexera believes that we are already into the era of collaborative System Integration, where the CSP needs more control over what they need to implement, and by when. Our SI 2.0 TM solution, which is indigenously developed by Nexera experts/in-house empowers CSP’s with agility to launch new services.

Value Proposition

Having the opportunity of working with 117 CSPs around the world, we have been instrumental in successfully implementing more than 15 Greenfield Operations globally, and partnering in 8 transformation programs of incumbent CSPs. Our close association with CSPs as their trusted IT partner has helped us understand their business challenges better. Nexera, therefore, brings System Integration offerings mapped to the business objectives.

  1. Item 1″Repository of over 400 reusable processes

  2. Covers Concept-to-Market, Lead-to-Cash process

  3. Trouble-to-Resolve business process cycles coverage

  4. Expediting Concept to market

  5. Enabling Collaborative System Integration

  6. Factory model for IT solution components ensuring maximum reusability

  7. Innovative business models complementing CSP s business needs

  8. Proven track record as a System Integrator

  9. Global footprint with local presence

  10. Repeat business from existing customers with customer Reference-ability.